surgical hair restoration cost

Surgical hair restoration clinics and their cost in Pakistan vary and there are many factors which determine final price of the procedure.It is best recommended that every person who suffers hair loss must be treated individually since everyone’s hair loss may be triggered from a different event or illness. Usually hair loss occurs after passing through a disease or due to genetics. There are a wide range of reasons and conditions that can either lead to hair loss or it comes as a side effect of those conditions. It is best that a person undergoing hair loss consults a physician to know the reason of the baldness. Once the reason has been found out, the solution can be found out easily. These days everyone desires to restore their hair growth and in this endeavor, they take medications, apply oils and even get several spa treatments done. Choosing hair  surgery is a major decision for most people and permanently changes their appearance and gives them a more youthful look. Hair transplant surgery restores hair that will grow naturally and require styling and haircuts. Once a person has made up his or her mind, it is vital to meet a good doctor to find the cure and in case someone has decided to turn to cosmetic treatment; the choice of hair loss treatment is restricted to one or more options. Surgical hair treatment is a sought after procedure and one of the most important factors of it is the cost. Usually surgical  treatment cost varies according to individuals since the amount of work done in each case is different. There may be some patients who have other medical conditions which hinder the procedure or need extra care on the surgeon’s part. Surgeons charge according to the number of grafts extracted or the size of the strip and the number of unites it is dissected in. Whatever the case may be, the strip method costs lesser than the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) because of the care and skills it requires. Another fact about surgical treatment cost is that some countries are more expensive than other places. Surgical procedure being done in Europe and the United States is much more expensive than the same procedure done in Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Malaysia. A normal hair transplant costs $8,500. This is many times more than the cost of a hair transplant procedure which is possible in the range of Rs70,000 to Rs140,000. When converted to American Dollar, this is equivalent to between $1,000 and $2,000.  The reason behind this difference is that medical care is generally more expensive in the developed western countries. The surgeons charge manifold in comparison of what the surgeons in Asia charges. Secondly, the type of equipment used and the staff also adds to the cost of the  procedures. Surgical hair restoration cost vary from country to country.

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