Hair Replacement

Hair replacement surgery is the restoration of your bald area. It is a cosmetic procedure which directly affects your personality and your outlook. Aging is the major factor of hair loss and it can only be treated with the hair surgery. Early age hair loss can turn into severe baldness. A family history or genetic factor is also one of the majors reasons found in hair loss. Although there are several other factors contributing hair loss or baldness such as endocrine problems, trauma, and medical therapy or sometimes hair loss is witnessed in women who tightly pull their hair in pony tails or braids etc. People who choose have hair loss surgery must have healthy hair growth on their donor area.  A candidate of hair restoration must talk about the expected result with the doctor. It enhances your appearance but it may not give the same density which you have prior to hair loss. Though a good hair transplant surgeon makes sure to gives you a natural looking hairline. The people who have very little donor area are not advised to undergo a strip procedure rather Follicles extraction from body and beard possible in such cases.

Replacement of hair grafts is a delicate procedure and an expert doctor can do it without any side effects and the results are remarkable. However if hair  surgery done by an inexperienced doctor, it can be disaster for the patient. Hair restoration surgery is not an uncomfortable procedure and only local anesthesia is required for mild sedation. Patient can start his normal routine from the very next day of surgical hair replacement. With the advancement in the medical field, very ultra refined methods are introduced in hair transplantation also. The FUE method is the latest hair regrowth procedure. In which no scar is given on the donor area. Only circular incisions are made around the hair follicles to extract it. These follicles are replaced on the bald area. There are special instruments are available to increase the speed of replacing hair follicles. If you want your younger looking and confident personality back, surgical hair treatment is the option for you.

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