Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair Transplantation surgery

There are many hair restoration treatments available nowadays since the number of people suffering from hair loss is increasing. The method that offers permanent relief from hair loss and baldness is hair transplantation surgery. It is a one-time hassle that produces excellent results and does not require a daily care routine to follow. Usually with many medicinal hair restoration treatments, people do not get results since the treatment expects a daily routine and application of lotions and oils. Since these treatments do not produce revolutionary results overnight, people lose interest in following long routines and hence the treatment does not give any positive result. On the other hand, some treatments are such that they only maintain hair growth, this means that the day a person quits using the certain product, he or she starts losing hair. This is why people prefer hair transplant surgery and due to increasing resources, it has become within reach as well. Hair transplantation is a surgical method to treat baldness through implanting hair follicles from a dense location on the body, to the balding area. The basic technique of hair transplant is to gather grafts of hair follicles, that are resistant to balding and to transplant them to the bald patch. While transplantation is most commonly applied on the scalp, it may also be used to restore hair on any other part of the body; and to cover accidental scars. After the transplantation, the hair follicles grow normally and the look remains natural. The people who opt for hair transplantation feel more confident and sure of themselves since they are satisfied with the way they look. The hair transplant surgery is done under local anesthesia and after an initial consultation from the doctor, it is decided whether the treatment will be done in one sitting or will require multiple visits. The surgery requires minor precautions such as no smoking or alcohol intake in order to ensure a smooth surgery. Post surgery care includes intake of antibiotics to reduce any chances of wound infections. The grafts are collected in two ways, strip harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Strip harvesting is more common than FUE and it involves removing strip of hair follicle from hairy patches such as back of the head or behind the ears. These strips are removed using a scalpel and are then carefully dissected into follicular units, which comprise of natural hair follicle groups. On the other hand, FUE is a lengthy process that involves removal of individual hair follicles, which are reinserted in the bald area. While FUE leaves no scar and there is no post surgery pain or discomfort, this process costs more and is not suitable for all candidates. There are minor after effects of the surgery that includes swelling and itching on the treated area. However, this can be treated with light medication and once the recipient is relieved, they can enjoy a better look and feel more confident about their outlook.

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