Receding Frontal Hairline

Receding Frontal hairline hair transplant Lahore

Frontal balding also known as receding hairline is one of the most common patterns of hair loss. Frontal baldness is an issue faced by both men and women but men are more likely to suffer from this. Normally this happens after mid age, but people of any group can suffer from hair loss in front hairline. It starts from thinning of hair and later on the hair shedding results in frontal baldness. This is the most treatable hair loss condition which can be treated in less time as compared to other forms of baldness. How to make frontal hairline dense? see below photos where Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry added more grafts for thick frontal look. Frontal baldness can be a result of so many factors including age, genetic inheritance, excessive use of chemical sprays and styling. Hairs compliment a personality therefore hair loss that too from the front can be very depressing and embarrassing. People who have hair loss from frontal hairline are seen shy and hesitant in public dealing.

How to stop receding frontal hairline and regrow hair

Medication and dermatological treatment is the basic and easiest way to beat frontal baldness. Medical science has paved way for the solutions of many problems mankind is facing today.  A lot of medical formulas are available now days which can be used to re-grow hairs on the frontal hairline. A bald patient will be advised to eat medicines composed of high value proteins, vitamins and amino acids which act as a hair growth booster. Medicated creams, serums, hair tonics and lotions are also available which can result in hair growth in the frontal hairline.  These medicines are used world-wide and giving good results.

PRP role & Receding frontal hairline

If these medicines are of no use to cure frontal hairline baldness then other options are also available to restore hairs like laser treatment, PRP hair restorations treatment and FUE hair transplant. All these are minor and severe hair plantation surgeries and people rush to these for immediate and best results. Though many patients have a tendency of hair growth with medication and food supplements but they prefer hair transplant over these to get an immediate hair growth.

FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) hair transplant is one the most proven and effective remedies for hair restoration. This is a surgery which implant a person’s own hair follicles in the receding hairline. Hair follicles are extracted from the bald resistant areas of a person’s head and plant them right back in the bald areas. FUE hair transplant results in hair growth in about three months. Hair starts to grow at the rate of 1/4 inches per month and after nine months the hairline is fully covered with healthy, thick and growing hairs. A human eye cannot distinguish between the real and implanted hairs as it’s absolutely natural.This is important to be kept in mind that sometimes frontal hairline loses hairs due to some medical illness. Dandruff, skin infections and fungal infections on the scalp if not treated at time can cause hair loss. Thus if a person is having any of these issues they need to be treated or else they may result in baldness. Even if the frontal hairline gets bald, before the hair restoration procedure the skin needs to be treated.