Pakistan Hair

Pakistan hair

Pakistan is a country where good quality of hair transplants is offered at a much competitive price. The number of people getting this treatment is increasing since there is an increase in the number of people suffering from hair fall. In Pakistan, there are several surgeons who treat a large number of patients each day hence their experience is vast. Apart from this, since there is a lot of medical tourism to Pakistan, there are all types of patients and therefore hair transplant surgeons have immense skills through dealing with various kinds of cases. Hair transplant surgery is basically performed in two ways; strip harvest and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Strip method is much cheaper since it involves lesser skills than FUE method. The hair transplant clinics in Pakistan carry out hair transplants using both the methods while FUE remains more popular. The latest advancement in the world of hair transplant has been the neograft FUE device. It is a mechanical device that removes follicles and then plants them on the bald patch. This method leaves no marks and allows a large number of grafts to be planted. The neograft is cheaper than FUE manual method since it is a mechanical procedure. This is because it leaves no scars and gives a much more natural look and lifelong results. Hair transplant clinics are located in all the major cities of Pakistan. With time, people are gaining resources and therefore the trend of hair transplants for concealing baldness and to look better has become quite common in Pakistan. People belonging to the upper middle class and middle class can think of getting a hair transplant surgery done since they have exposure to such treatments and more importantly, the surgery is not as costly as it was several years back. With time the number of surgeons has also increased with the number of candidates and in competition, the charges for hair transplant are very reasonable and within reach of ordinary people. This has caused a large number of people turn towards hair transplant since it provides a permanent solution for hair loss and baldness. It is advisable that a candidate must do some research prior to the hair transplant surgery in order to look for a good surgeon and a good clinic. For hair transplant surgery, the environment must be comfortable and soothing. Hair transplant procedures are done under local anesthesia and the recipient is awake during the process. Before the hair transplant, the scalp is cleaned properly and the surgeon gives a post surgery care routine, which must be followed in order to get everlasting results. In Pakistan, the surgeons and doctors are amicable and can be reached at all times in case of a query or problem. Some of the surgeons provide free of cost follow up sessions to satisfy their patients completely.

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