Laser hair transplants

Whether one should proceed laser hair transplant or old strip hair restoration procedure. The major advantages of low level laser therapy and role of laser in hair regrowth.Laser hair transplants in Pakistan  are emerging as most effective techniques of restoring hair back. It is originated back in 1990s when laser light was used to making holes in scalp. These holes were used to graft hair follicles. This method is still controversial and some research are being conducted to check its effectiveness. In 2005, the “New York Times,” promoted laser hair transplants as the first non surgical method of permanently restoring hair. They discussed in their article that photo-biostimulation is used to stimulate growth of hair follicles. This method is very much publicized through advertisements on electronic media. Still there is no surety that this will successfully restore hair back. In this treatment also know as “laser site creation,” red beam of laser light is used only to make smaller silts in scalp. In these holes or silts, surgeon has to transplant hair follicles which he takes from donor area of scalp. Laser is neither used to transplant the follicles not it is used to separate those follicles from each other. In over all process, laser plays a very minor role. Local anesthesia is give to patient so that he cannot feel pain. This is very false belief that making cuts through laser is painless. Laser was initially used in field of hair restoration for making accurate cut on scalp during surgery. With advancement of technology, it is also used as non surgical method of transplant. If laser hair transplants are performed by using “Laser Therapy,” then the whole scalp is exposed to red spectrum of laser light. This help in increasing blood circulation of hair follicles. When oxygen is reached to these follicles, new cellular activity takes place. This is not considered an effective treatment of baldness.

Some serious disadvantages are associated with laser hair transplant in Pakistan and all other world. It is a cause of destruction of scalp cells. It is reported that hair growth is very much poor in different patients. Dermal collagen is also damaged through laser light. If elastic fibers of skin are destroyed or weaken, harvested grafts will fall out after some time. A patient will have more scars in laser transplant as compared to other methods. As it is an emerging technology, it is much difficult to find an expert surgeon. This method is also costly and is not available widely. This method is extremely painful if proper anesthesia is not given before the treatment. According to some research, laser hair treatments give more natural looks to hair grafts. Blood loss is significantly less as compared to other surgeries. It is beneficial for those who have heart related problems or high blood pressure. If proper local anesthesia is given to patient, this is totally painless. Patient will feel some itchiness or scratchiness, but no pain. No chemical and heat is involved in this treatment. Supporters of this treatment claim that it has no apparent side-effects. It is recommended for patients from all age groups. Recovery period is less because healing is quicker in this treatment.


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