Karachi Hair Transplant Cost

Karachi Hair transplantation cost is charged between 70000 to 15000 Pak rupee. Pakistan is one of the countries that have a significant degree of medical tourism and there are many people who travel to the major cities of the country to get medical treatment. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan and is well-equipped with medical centers and doctors. Hair surgeries are becoming more common due to an increasing number of people suffering from hair loss. Since such treatments are cheaper in Pakistan, many people come here for hair restoration surgeries as well. In turn, surgeons treat numerous cases every day and this enhances their experience. This again, causes more people to travel here to get treatment from experienced surgeons. The equipment and methods used in Pakistan are up to the mark and cost lesser than in the western developed countries. It is human nature that when they think about getting any kind of treatment they will keep two main factors in mind, the cost and the quality of results. The transplant surgery’s cost depends on two main things; the extent or degree of baldness and the number of sessions carried out. The method used for hair transplantation is also an important determinant of cost. There are two main ways of carrying out the hair procedure, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The FUE costs almost twice as much as the strip method due to it being more technical and time consuming. Usually, surgeons charge for FUE according to the number of grafts. In case there are only 1000 grafts panted, the procedure will cost lesser than in case f plantation of 2000 grafts. These days due to healthy competition among surgeons in Pakistan, the cost of hair loss procedure is reduced. Karachi  Hair transplant cost is between Rs70,000 to Rs140,000. This is phenomenal when compared to the cost of the same kind of procedure from any western developed country. The usual rate of hair impantation in Europe falls between 8,000 Euros to 10,000 Euros. This major difference is due to the heavy taxes, high consultant fee and the insurance policies. The surgeries which are not covered by the insurance companies in Europe and the United States are much more costly than the ones that are paid for by the insurance companies. This is why, procedures related to aesthetics are all very expensive there. Hair loss and baldness are issues that cannot be concealed by any make up technique or by simply wearing something to accentuate other features. Especially in men, there is no way to hide baldness except unnatural and obvious ways. This is why more and more people are turning to hair re growth procedure and choose places like Pakistan for their treatment due to its cheap services and easy accommodation. Karachi hair transplant cost falls on the occasions of special events like Eid, Ramadan and summer packages.

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