How expensive are hair transplants

Want to know how expensive are hair transplants and how you can calculate the cost to determine which procedure you can get. When we are young, many of us take our locks for granted until they are gone. Yes, hair plays a significant part in how we look and how well we carry ourselves. But for some, due to certain conditions medical or genetics, hair loss is a must.Therefore, if you are worried about losing and thinning of your hair, the procedure can be one way to feel more confident about how you look. Though there are numerous procedures which guarantee thick voluminous hair back to you but most of them aren’t as effective as hair restoration.

How expensive are hair transplants

Before we go any further into how expensive are hair transplants, let’s discuss what it is first. It’s a medical procedure in which professionals move hair from your donor area to fill the part with thin or no hair. Though the process seems simple, but it’s not clear cut. There are two methods for hair regrowth:

Depending on the procedure your doctor choose keeping in mind your condition, the cost may vary. Both the treatment and recovery from the procedure comes at a price and involves multiple factors which helps in determining the total cost.

Factors to decide how expensive are hair transplants?

Ranging from $4000 to $20000, the cost of the transplant procedure is variable. It may not be included on your insurance since many companies view it as a cosmetic procedure which means, the cost is all out of your pocket.Here are a few factors which determine how expensive are hair transplants procedures?

  • Your location: Where you are living can affect what the transplant surgeon is charging you. The number of surgeons in your surroundings who are offering the procedure will help you determine the relative cost.
  • Your choice of procedure: As mentioned, there are two types of procedures, FUSS and FUE. Each process requires different time and resources and thus has a different cost.
  • Your choice of Surgeon: Yes! That’s right, your surgeon selection also determined the cost. If you choose one who is considered to be the best in the field, then he may charge you more and increase the cost. Nevertheless, be sure that you do your research about the surgeon carefully as higher rates doesn’t necessarily mean superior skills.
  • Area of baldness: the area on which the surgeons have to work also determines the cost. If you want few patches added, they may cost significantly less than hair across the scalp.
  • Traveling: this may not be valid for some if they have a good and reliable surgeon in the surroundings. But, for those, who can’t find one in the area and have to travel, they have to add the travel cost to determine whether you will be able to afford the procedure or not.

Here are a few factors which determine how expensive are hair transplants procedure. It should be noted here that you may find some clinics which offer financing options or payment plans which may assist you to spread the cost of treatment in installments aiding you to get the treatment done with ease. So, losing hair? It’s time to find a good transplant surgeon.

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