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Hair transplant and restoration in Taif  Saudi Arabia is a costly procedure and people prefer to have hair restoration in the neighbouring country. FUE hair transplant is a demanding  procedure due to less  invasive nature and quick recovery. Mostly hair loss patients find cheap hair transplantation in Pakistan. Fue hair transplant for 4000 follicles cost in Taif  is 35000 to 40,000 SR while same procedure can be done by expert hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan 10,000 to 15000 SR. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 14 years hair transplant surgery experience and he is a Visiting  Associate Professor in Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France.

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FUE hair transplant Mecca jeddha Riyadh

FUE hair transplant- 4000 grafts in one session

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    Sir, Please call our hair transplant adviser in Taif for further help and appointment.

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    I am Saudi and want hair restoration in Taif.

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    Hi, you may consult to our representative in Taif for hair transplantation and restoration information.

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    Sir, I am pleased to know that you are doing hair transplant in Taif. I have noted telephone number of your clinic and call for more information and consultation.

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