Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair transplantation surgery in Pakistan or abroad plays very important role of final outcome. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an Ex- Associate Professor in France with extensive experience in this field performed successfully thousands of cases. Hair loss is a very commonly suffered problem all over the world. There are many causes and impact of baldness. Hair loss can be encountered by both men and women of old age, middle age and often teenagers. The younger you are the more severe it is and the more strong impact it brings on the person. Before selecting a best hair transplantation surgery clinic in Pakistan we need to diagnose cause of hair loss. 

Hair Loss Causes

There are several factors contributing in hair loss. They are often medical related causes and some causes are related to the life style and poor diet habits. Few causes are heredity, hormonal changes, iron deficiency, crash dieting, child birth, chemotherapy or any other strong medical therapy, any long term disease, severe physical trauma, infection or any chronicle disease, self immune infections or any surgery etc.

Baldness Solution

There is a solution for baldness by surgical or non surgical ways. It depends on the nature of the baldness that what procedure is suitable for you. This you can discover by consulting it with your doctor. It is very important to select the right treatment with the honest advice of the doctor.

Hair transplantation surgery Pakistan

Male pattern baldness is the most common form and hair transplantation surgery in Pakistan is the best solution available for treating baldness. Hair surgery is now very common procedure and there are no apprehensions related to it.

Benefits of hair transplant

People are well aware of the advantages and benefits of this procedure. It is not a very difficult decision to make now. There are many world known face and figures have undergone surgical procedure and treat successfully their hair loss and the results are in front of everyone, how their personalities are transformed with this ultimate procedure. Instead of envying those impressive transplants, get yourself educated and choose surgery for treating your hair loss and revive your personality and self-esteem, which you have lost due to baldness and give new dimensions to your looks and physical appearance.

Hair transplant success rate

Hair transplantation surgery in Pakistan is performed by taking or extracting grafts from the donor site and implanted on the bald spot. These grow naturally all life. There are two techniques used for hair loss surgery. One is the Strip method and the other is the follicular unit extraction. Both techniques bring out excellent results. If you have large donor area and little bald patch, strip method works best for you. It is less expensive and less time consuming. If you want exclusive and precise procedure, FUE is the technique for you. It is 3 to 4 time expensive treatment. It is more time consuming because in this technique a single hair follicle is extracted at a time and implanted instead of removing a strip of follicles from the scalp, which is called a Strip harvesting technique. There is no incision and stitches involved in follicular unit extraction procedure like in the strip method.

Does hair transplantation hurt?

Both techniques are done by injecting local anesthesia to make it comfortable experience for the client. It is safe treatment for hair loss. There is no hospitalization or complete bed rest is required. Antibiotics and mild analgesics are prescribed by the surgeon after the surgery to prevent any infection of pain. How to select clinic for baldness and hair loss treatment in Pakistan, one should consider surgeon and clinic repute on internet and testimonials as well.

How to contact hair transplantation clinic in Pakistan?

It is just a telephone away and our staff will help you. To know detail or an appointment call or whats app 0333-430-9999

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