Hair Transplantation Side Effects

Hair Transplantation Side Effects are minors like swelling,mild discomfort, itching and slight pain. These side effects are easily controlled by taking medications after procedure. Although hair regrowth surgery is a common and renowned procedure to treat hair loss. Hair restoration surgeries are conducted every day in all parts of the world with wonderful success rate. There are many world known celebrities that under gone hair loss surgery and incredibly changed their looks. It is a safe procedure if it is done by a qualified and well experienced doctor. It is a procedure of removing hair follicles from one part of the body that is called the donor area and implanted those hair follicles in the bald patch known as recipient area. This procedure of hair restoration is conducted under local anesthesia and sometimes a patient is mildly sedated if he feels a little uncomfortable. However, this is not a painful procedure and the effect of local anesthesia fades away after 6 to 7 hours. Hair surgery is carried out with two techniques, largely used all around the world. One is called the follicular unit transplantation and the other one is called follicular unit extraction.

Like all the surgical procedures hair loss surgery has also some complications and side effects. But it purely depends on the doctor how can he deal with them? It is quality of good surgeon to prevent those complications and take protective measures against any side effects. After every surgery there are chances of prevailing infections. These infections can be controlled and prevented with the help of antibiotics. Sometimes a mild pain is witnessed by some patients after hair surgery, for this complaint, your surgeon would prescribe some pain killers for few days post surgery. Thinning of hair is also witnessed sometimes after the procedure, that is usually resulted as a after-shock of surgery. This is a temporary side effect and over after some time. You can encounter more hair loss after the surgery in the form of patches, however the transplanted hair do not fall. You might need to go for another session to cover that new bald patch. A trained surgeon leaves no space for any major complication or side effect but some little and minor problems can easily be prevented or cured after surgery. A surgery conducted by an untrained or unqualified doctor can be nothing less than a disaster. So be sure to choose a well known surgeon for your treatment so that there would be minimal hair transplantation side effects.

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