Hair Transplant Cost Pakistan

The cost in Pakistan is certainly cheaper compared to countries in Middle East, Europe, North America, Australasia, etc. Just compare the hair transplant cost in Pakistan with other nations on our website to confirm this truth. We, at Hair loss treatment Clinic in Lahore, offer the most advance hair replacement, hair restoration, and hair replacement methods at reasonable rates. We boast worldwide clients who fly to Lahore to experience the best hair loss treatment in Pakistan, performed by the eminent surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry with 14 years of rich experience in this field. People who want to consult him regarding hair loss and the solutions available can either opt for online booking or contact him over telephone.

Hair treatment in Pakistan can be divided into two categories, namely cheap and quality procedures. Cheap ranges between 30,000 and 40,000 rupees. However, in most cases, the results are not up to the mark and can make the patient embarrassed in public places. On the other hand, high-quality hair restoration in Pakistan is priced between 75,000 and 1,50,000 rupees and the result is natural, permanent and devoid of see-through effect. Hence, in your quest to save a few thousands of rupees, it is advisable not to encounter various complications afterwards. Experience the most reasonable prices with us, but never ever at the expense of quality. We follow the global trends and techniques like the latest FUE hair replacement and use the most sophisticated equipment.

So, contact us with your query by filling out the online form and we’ll deliver guaranteed answers within 24 hours. We will give you hair transplant cost Pakistan range for FUT as well as FUE procedures. Hair transplant cost Pakistan is more economical and affordable as compare to developed countries.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello MOHSIN HASSAN , Please send us close up photos for your hair loss area so that we can help and guide you. For Dandruff we will suggest you Anti-fungal shampoo on alternate days. These are our hair transplant prices in Pakistan
    Fue 1000 grafts or less = No Discount on 1000 grafts 1000$ or 100,000 Pak rupee
    FUE 2000 grafts= 2000$ and after 20% Discount 1600 $US or 160,000 Pak Rupee

    4000 FUE grafts = 4000$ and after 20% OFF 3200$US or 320,000 Pak Rupee

    Strip (FUT) Surgery 2500 Follicles = 800 $US or 80,000 Pak Rupee after 20% Discount.

  2. admin / Post Author

    Mr.Affan Ahmed, There is no long term basis side effects after hair transplant procedure. However these are common and temporary side effects after hair restoration surgery
    1- Mild discomfort
    2- Mild pain and can be controlled with Analgesics.
    3- Swelling – on third day and on fourth day will be over.
    4- Numbness – may persist few hours to few days.


    i want to transplant hair only quarter part of my head,and i have also dandruff problem.Plz give me hair transplant price and give suggestion about reducing dandruff

  4. Affan Ahmed /

    sir .
    is there any side affect after treatment ?

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