Hair Transplantation Oslo

Hair transplantation in Oslo Norway is performed in few hair restoration clinics. Many patients travel abroad for low cost or an affordable prices. Hair restoration surgery is available in every part of the world and this surgery is more popular and result yielding in some places as compared to others. Norway is a European country where hair transplant is comparatively cheaper and people travel to Norway from the United States as well as Europe in order to get a result yielding hair regrowth procedure within a good price range. Oslo, the capital of Norway has many hair transplant surgeons practicing there, who are well known for their work and perform a large number of surgeries on a daily basis. It is a procedure that is widely practiced and sought after throughout the world. However, there are some countries where the surgery cost is much lesser than other countries. On a general scale, Europe and the United States are expensive countries while South East Asian countries and Africa may be cheaper as well. Norway is considered a cheaper option than other European countries since the total cost of a surgery combined with the accommodation and travel expenses are lesser than the same of other countries. The hair surgery is done in two ways, strip harvesting and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). In Norway, both the techniques are used for surgery, using the latest technology. There are many skilled surgeons in Oslo since there is a great deal of medical tourism to the country. The reason for this increased influx of foreign patients seeking treatment is that Oslo is a closer destination than Asian countries for ll the people living in the United States and Europe. Due to lesser distance and the result yielding procedure with a good cost package, Oslo has become a good option for many people. It may be noted that Oslo is much more expensive than South East Asian countries and Eastern Asian countries such as Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand. The cost of a hair transplant in Oslo can cost around 6000 Euros whereas the same procedure using the latest technology can cost around 2000 to 3000 Euros in Pakistan. The number of grafts directly affects the cost of the procedure and therefore the final cost of each surgery varies according to the individual. The cost of FUE procedure costs much more than the strip method surgery due to the amount of manual work and care needed. The surgeon has to be skilled and experienced in order to perform an FUE surgery. This is since the surgeon has to observe the natural hair pattern and plant the new follicles in a way that the transplanted area does not look different than the rest of the head. It is due to this that every surgeon cannot perform FUE surgery. These days there have been much advancement in FUE surgery as well and neograft FUE has been introduced. This is a new technique of extracting hair follicles with the use of a mechanical device that sucks out the follicles by a vacuum action.

Hair transplant in Oslo

After 19 days donor area fue procedure

Norway Hair Transplant

Preparation before 2000 fue grafts extraction

Hair Transplant before and after photo Gallery

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