Hair Transplantation in Berlin

Hair Transplantation in Berlin Germany

In Germany, hair transplants are being done using the latest methods and technologies. The cost of a hair transplant procedure in Germany is lesser than that of a procedure from the United Kingdom or the United States; however, it still may be expensive for someone who’s looking for a cheap procedure. The surgeons in Germany are quite professional and produce a good result which is why they have gained a good reputation. The newest techniques of hair restoration such as neograft are also available in Germany. Neograft is a mechanical device that is used to extract hair follicles using a vacuum action and then planting these on the bald patch. There are a lot of people who turn towards neograft for successful results due to the fast results. Neograft method does not even leave an incision mark after transplant and since it is a device, it costs lesser than a surgeon who performs the procedure manually. However, many people are not comfortable with neograft since they trust human judgment more than mechanical devices. The neograft device performs the FUE method of hair transplant, which is the follicular unit extraction method. The strip method and the FUE method are the two basic ways of performing hair transplants. In the former method, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia under sterile conditions. Once the anesthesia is administered, the procedure is virtually pain free. First, a strip of skin is removed from the back of the head and the area where the skin is removed from is closed with sutures. The hair in the back of the head covers the sutured area and is not visible to anyone looking at the patient. The mini and micro grafts are prepared form the skin strip very carefully. This takes about two hours; during this period the patient can relax or watch a video etc. Then small slits are made in the scalp and the grafts are inserted. No dressing is required and the patient is not bed ridden for many days. The FUE method is a scar less technique because the Hairs from back of the head are harvested with a special punch and no strip is removed. The scars are very small and virtually non visible. The recovery time is accordingly a few days and the donor area heals by this time. Similarly the pain is minimal as well because there is no scar. The implanted hairs are placed close together as they have minimal fat around the shaft. This gives a very natural result and a very good density. Compared to strip method of Hair transplantation good density can be achieved in one session. The FUE method is more expensive than strip method since it involves more skill and technicality. The cost of FUE method is usually determined by the number of grafts being planted s well as the number of sessions needed for it. The procedure includes the surgeon’s fee, hospital charges, anesthesia fee and it also includes free consultation, free follow up for life time and an additional discount for future surgery. The FUE method cost more because it is more detailed and takes longer time for the surgeon to complete.
  1. Get 2500 follicles in 1000 euro by strip method including 2 night Free hotel stay.
  2. Get 2000 fue follicles in 1800 euro- 2 nights hotel stay included
  3. Get 4000 fue follicles in 3600 euro – 3 nights hotel stay included

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    Sir, we will transplant 4000 fue grafts in single session and cost will be 3600 euro. There are many good hotels near clinic like “Smart Hotel Liberty” PC hotel Lahore and Park Plaza hotel Gulberg 3 Lahore.

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    Sir, I am interested to get 4000 fue grafts package and willing to travel. I have seen 3600 euro package and i think it would be best for me. I am German and living in Berlin and my age is 52 years.
    -Any good hotel near your clinic?

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