Hair Transplant Khobar

The city of Alkhobar has many hospitals and clinics but hair transplant facility is lacking and people travel to Riyadh for their baldness treatment. Hair loss is a common among male patients. Every male like to see himself attractive, beautiful and impressive personality. Baldness is a social problem and does not like too much by opposite sex. To attract opposite sex people spend a lot of Saudi Riyals on their out look. Many hair loss treatment clinic in Alkhobar exist but hair transplant in Alkhobar  is not so much advance so people travel to other cities or countries.

Hair transplant in Alkhobar Saudi Arabia

Patient Mr. Aziz came to our clinic for his baldness treatment in Pakistan. He lives in Alkhobar Saudi Arabia but due to very high cost in Saudi Arabia , he decided to travel to Pakistan where he got 2248 follicular unit transplantation on 29th Nov 2014. His result will be expected after 3 months from procedure and it wold take 8-11 months for full density in the frontal area.  

Where to get hair transplant in Alkhobar

There is hardly any clinic of hair transplant in AlKhobar and prices are too much high. The average cost of hair transplant in Alkhobar or nearby cities is 15000 SR to 20,000 SR.

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