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Can we get hair transplant in Jeddah

Getting hair transplant in Jeddah is not an easy task due to high prices. Though there are few hair restoration clinics in Jeddah but due to high price people find cheap hair loss treatment abroad. There are two basic techniques for hair regrowth

1- FUT or strip hair restoration

2- Follicular unit extraction or FUE.Hair transplant in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

There are many foreign surgeons in the kingdom. The latest methods of medical treatment are present in Saudi Arabia but since they are available at a much higher price that is why the people living in the kingdom prefer to travel to other countries for medical treatments. Cosmetic surgery is an expensive branch of medicine and the various cosmetic procedures are skillful treatments that cannot be provided by every surgeon. This is a common phenomenon that if the medical facilities are cheaper, there will be a higher number of patients and this will increase the experience of the doctors and surgeons. That is why, wherever the facilities are cheaper, there are good surgeons. There are couple of clinics for hair transplant in Jeddah equipped with the latest technology but due to its low percentage of patients, the surgeons are not as skilled and experienced as in other countries. These days a growing number of people suffer from hair loss and since the only permanent solution for this is provided by hair replacement, people want to get a good transplant surgery. Hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia is not cheap ,in fact they are extremely expensive. In the cheaper countries, the hair surgery can be done in almost more than half the price at which the hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia costs. These days an increasing trend is that the surgeons of certain places visit other countries and cities on a weekly or monthly basis, this way the people of other areas get an opportunity to get good treatment without having to travel to other cities or countries. These surgeons offer not only consultation but also surgical procedures. Since the charges for such surgeons are usually lesser, they are sought after and it may be difficult to book an appointment but once the surgeon is consulted the patients are more than satisfied. The kingdom is an expensive place for hair transplants and usually patients are recommended to travel east to Pakistan or other places to get a result yielding procedure within lesser cost. However, since there is a growing trend of visiting surgeons, now people can consider a best hair surgery without having to travel. Those who want cheap procedure especially mega session of fue method then Pakistan is a best choice. If you someone wants to see before and after pictures of patients regarding hair transplant in Jeddah, there are not enough clinic or sites showing their results.

fue photo gallery

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  1. abdul rauf /

    give me all details about hair transplant.and his fee and I need your mobile nmbr here in jeddah

  2. admin / Post Author

    Hello Asad, hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure where we can transplant your donor area hair to bald area. This procedure will take 4-5 hours under local anesthesia. There will be minor side effects of hair transplantation like discomfort, redness, crust formation,minor swelling. These are temporary side effects and if you follow post operative instructions then you would not have any side effect.Hair transplant price starts from 75000 to 150,000 Pak rupee through strip or FUT procedure in Pakistan.

  3. asad /

    tell me all detail about hair plantation and its side effect and its price completely its urgent

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