Hair Transplant for Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata  is evaluated by our expert whether to have hair transplant or not. Alopecia which is commonly known or called baldness is a common problem faced by male and female in every culture and area. There are many forms of alopecia but most commonly seen form is alopecia areata. This the form of alopecia in which a person go through baldness or hair loss in the form of patches and later it is followed by the baldness of all head. There two other forms of alopecia called Alopecia Totalis, which cause hair loss of the whole scalp and the Alopecia Universalis that causes the hair loss of all over the body. Alopecia areata is the caused by various reasons, most common of them are genetic. If there is an alopecia areata is present in family history, the person is more prone to it. A major or prolonged disease, pregnancy, infection or physical trauma can also be the reason of alopecia or hair loss. It can be found in men, women and sometimes children also.

In alopecia areata you witness a round patch of hair loss and they encompass large area with the passage of time. It is important to treat it timely. Sometimes this hair loss is not permanent and hair re-grow after some time or by taking any medicine or other medical or herbal product. If it is not cured by any medicine and if it is permanent hair loss or baldness then the only treatment which is best is hair surgery. If the bald area is small it is treated without surgery. The largely known form of alopecia is the male pattern baldness. Hair  surgery gives you a totally natural look and long lasting result. In hair restoration surgery your own hair taken from your body, are transplanted to the bald patch or area. There are two techniques involved in carrying out the procedure. FUT(follicular unit transplant) and FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure. Both are very successful methods of transplantation. It is important to know if you are a suitable candidate of hair surgery or not. If the donor area of the client is not sufficient enough to donate hair to the bald area, person is not suitable for the surgery. The best candidate of hair transplant is the person who has large and fuller donor area and little bald patch. Alopecia areata is not an untreatable problem. You can carry out the treatment with the advice of a good hair doctor and select any surgical or nonsurgical treatment for yourself.

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