Hair Transplant in Ethiopia Cost

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Hair restoration clinics in Ethiopia Addis Ababa are not enough for the treatment of baldness and hair loss. Though there are some good hospitals in Addis Ababa -Ethiopia for the treatment of general as well as systemic diseases. Some good surgical clinics and hospitals are also serving the Nation. But hair surgeons and physicians are not trained enough to perform hair transplant surgery. So people travel abroad or neighboring countries for hair restoration procedure. Our clinic is very advanced and most of patients are coming from Ethiopia to our clinic in Paris France but cost of hair restoration in Paris France is 8000-15000 euro for follicular unit extraction procedure and every one can not get this procedure in Paris. We have second clinic in Asia where our competent staff give you online booking and appointment for procedure, Free hotel and visa sponsor letter. You will be welcomed at Airport by our customer relation officer and safe return to your country after  surgery.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Belay, It is our pleasure to serve and offer hair loss treatments in Ethiopia. At the moment our clinic is closed in Ethiopia.

  2. Belay /

    Hi, am glad ethiopia have hair transplant clink. I wonder where the location and the cost? Thank you

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