Hair Transplant Dublin cost

What is cost of 2000 follicles cost in most of hair transplant clinics in Dublin? 

Hair transplant is performed by two surgical techniques called Follicular unit extraction and FUT– Follicular unit Transplantation in Ireland Dublin. Cost of the procedure based on technique. Fue procedure will cost you more as compare to FUT. However recent trend is modern and latest technology in Ireland called FUE. The procedure does not give you linear scar and less discomfort as compare to strip procedure. Most of clinics in Dublin charge 3.00 to 5.00 Pounds per graft or follicle.

How much area of 2000 follicles will cover?

The area covered by 2000 follicles will be frontal area called Zone 1 and 2 for good hair density. However if we decrease hair density only then zone 3 can also be included in it.

Hair transplant Dublin Ireland costHair transplant cost for 3000 follicles in Ireland Dublin is 3000 Pounds while same procedure can be done in Pakistan at 800 to 1000 Pounds by strip or FUT method.



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