Hair Transplant Dubai Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates is emerging as the new western development in the east and all the newest commodities and treatments exist there. The biggest and most developed Emirate is Dubai and it is a favorite tourist spot for many people from the western countries as well as the eastern states. In Dubai, all the latest techniques and methods for medical treatments exist but even then, Dubai is reputed for a poor medical field. This is because the medical facilities are expensive and there are not many skilled surgeons there. A point worth noting is that, all the places where there is a large number of patients, the surgeons will be skilled due to experience from treating so many patients. In hospitals or on larger scale countries, the surgeons who do not have many patients to treat are not that skilled. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city but unfortunately even the local Arabs travel to other countries for bigger procedures and serious medical disorders. The reason why this has become a fact is that the doctors in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, are majorly foreigners who have moved to Dubai to earn money. They charge a high fee from the patient and therefore for treatments such as hair transplantation or any other cosmetic surgery, patients travel abroad. This deprives the surgeons in Dubai from gaining experience and hence the future candidates also desire to get a good hair restoration from somewhere else. There are a few names that are famous in Dubai and there are patients who trust these surgeons but these surgeons are very few and there are not a large number of patients, as compared to other countries. Dubai is a central state, in terms of its location on the globe it is near the Asian countries, as well as Saudi Arabia and Africa. This way, it can be a good destination for anyone willing to get a hair transplantation but due to its limited medical field, there is not much of an influx. Whenever someone is looking for a good surgeon for a result yielding hair transplant, the first thing they keep in mind is the end result and the second is the cost. This is a huge determinant in terms of selection of a surgeon and thence, the surgeons of Dubai are not very favored since they have a high fee and are not as skilled as other surgeons in the region. Dubai became a developed state only five decades ago and a significant majority of the professionals there are expatriates and therefore the work they do is usually expensive.

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