Hair transplant cost Pakistan Islamabad

Hair Transplant cost Pakistan Islamabad-Hair restoration surgery is being done widely all across the globe. There are many developed countries where such cosmetic treatments are very expensive and not within reach of ordinary people. Simultaneously, some countries offer hair restoration treatments at lesser cost. This is due to the medical facilities being offered at cheaper rates while the end result is as promising as of the services offered in developed countries. Pakistan is one of the cheaper destinations for all cosmetic surgeries. Many people in Pakistan suffer from hair loss and as people are becoming more resourceful and the exposure is increasing, they turn to hair treatments. Hair transplant is by far the most effective and permanent solution to hair loss. Hair transplant cost Pakistan Islamabad between Rs 70,000 to Rs 140,000. The capital, Islamabad has many good clinics and medical centers where hair treatments are done. Everywhere in Pakistan, there are several qualified and renowned surgeons who can perform surgical hair restoration and produce desirable results. When a person is looking for a surgeon or clinic, the first thing they keep in mind is the cost of the procedure. Hair transplant cost Pakistan Islamabad varies with individuals due to the number of grafts that are needed. The cost of the procedure also depends on whether or not it is a corrective surgery following prior transplants. Many surgeons in Islamabad offer free complimentary consultation to discuss with the patient, his baldness and its causes. The consultant evaluates the patient’s condition and suggests the number of recommended grafts along with the total price. The surgeons usually ensure that the patient will get the best value for up to mark quality and comfortable services. In many cases, the surgeons can revise their prices to suit the patients and those who need to have their previous transplants changed or recreated. Usually, in case of follow up surgeries of patients who have had previous transplants from somewhere else and are not satisfied, the surgeons charge more than ordinary due to the increase in correctional work. Previously, hair implant was not as widely performed as they are today, only the affluent classes could afford the procedure due to its elevated price. Hair loss is an issue faced by people of all ages and classes and hampers one’s self confidence greatly. Considering this, hair plantation can be looked upon as a necessary treatment and not a luxury. In Pakistan, the operating cost and taxes are as low as those in the west. This enables Pakistan to offer cheaper hair implants while the quality of clinical facilities and results of the procedure are not less in any way. Due to this, people travel from all over the world to Pakistan for hair transplant surgeries and this adds to the surgeons’ experience and skills since they perform procedures on all kinds of cases.

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    Hello Usman! We can transplant you and restore your hair in a Natural way. Fue is a latest procedure to treat baldness and with out pain and stitches. We charge 1.00 euro per graft and it will be 125 rupee/graft in Pakistani Rupee. Yes we can use body hair to transplant on head and in such case cost would be 250 rupee/graft. For more detail please check your email/spam too.

  2. usman aslam /


    I need to transplant (FUE) my hairs from upper and front side for your information my right and left side are also not thick so don’t want to extract hairs from that both sides only back can use for that I need to know the cost of per graft with your all concessions Hope you get me soon.

    Note : Can we use body hairs for head transplant

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