Hair Transplant Centers in Peshawar

Hair Transplantation  in Peshawar

Hair transplant in Peshawar is becoming common since the number of people suffering from it is increasing. These days, diets and the competition among peers cause stress and deficiencies in the body that result in hair loss. Apart from this there are several other reasons that hair loss is becoming a bigger menace, these include prolonged illnesses and diseases that cause the normal hair cycle to be disturbed. Simultaneously, people are gaining resources and becoming more aware about the importance of aesthetics. This is causing more people to opt for hair transplant in Peshawar Islamabad Lahore , which were considered a highly technical procedure meant for only the richer classes. However, this trend is fast changing and the credit for this goes to the surgeons and clinics that have reduced the process of hair surgeries to such an extent that common man can consider a surgery. The few countries where cheap hair transplants are done include Pakistan. Pakistan has many medical centers and clinics located in the major cities and this allows people to be able to make a chic and get a best hair restoration in Pakistan that ensures good hair growth. The major cities of Pakistan such as Peshawar have good clinics as well as decent and understanding medical teams that help in attaining the look that the patient desires.

How to find best hair clinics in Pakistan

Most of the clinics and medical centers have a website and offer online consultation as well as free visits to get an estimate of the amount of work needed as well as the cost of the procedure. This is a big help for all the candidates who have to travel from smaller cities since they can get a look in to the clinic as well as learn about the amount of work needed, without having to travel to the other city. The geographical location of Peshawar is such that it is the biggest city in the vicinity of many smaller cities and therefore many people from surrounding areas come to Peshawar for any kind of treatment. The medical tourism within Pakistan is also of significance. There are many renowned surgeons based in Lahore and Karachi who visit Peshawar at a weekly or monthly tour and not only perform surgeries but also give follow up sessions and initial consultations. The whole process of a hair transplantation is simple for the patient but very technical for the surgeon, however, the procedure does not involve usage of any surgical instrument such as the operation theater machinery. The only instruments required are a microscope and scalpel or any other sharp instrument to make incisions or cut a strip of hair.

How many sessions for hair loss surgery

The hair transplant surgery was initially done to cover accidental scars and hair gaps due to burns, however, due to the success of the procedure it became a cosmetic surgery and people started benefiting from it to enhance confidence and beautify their outlook. In Pakistan, candidates from all over the world come to the country looking for best hair transplant  and the surgeons here perform hundreds of cases on a daily basis.The major reason low  hair transplant cost in Peshawar Lahore Islamabad and Karachi.

Hair transplant in Peshawar

Mid scalp area before hair restoration procedure by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Peshawar Pakistan

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