Hair Transplant in Ajman

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Hair loss and hair fall is present all over the world. People seek help from Dermatologists, hair loss treatment specialists and hair restoration physicians and surgeons. It is priority of every hair loss specialist that hair fall should be prevented and medical hair restoration should be primary focus. When medical hair restoration fails then surgical hair implantation is best choice. There are several hair restoration techniques like FUT – follicular unit transplantation known as strip procedure, FUE-follicular unit extraction procedure. FUE hair restoration and transplantation procedure is popular due to various reasons.

  1. It is minimally invasive hair surgery procedure.
  2. There is no incision or cut in the donor area so no scar formation.
  3. There is no stitches in this procedure so follow up check up does not require.
  4. Maximum number of grafts can be transplanted in one session.
  5. There is no interval between sessions.
  6. Fue procedure is costly as compared to strip surgery as it requires more skill and experience and surgeon has to spend more time for this procedure.


  • 2000 fue grafts in 1800 euro
  • 4000 fue grafts in 3600 euro

Hair transplant cost in Ajman is much higher so a lot of people travel to our hair treatment clinic for hair loss surgery and our staff help you for appointment , booking and reservation of hotel. We also provide you invitation letter for visa and complete guidance for air travel. Pick and drop from airport provided by the hotel.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hi, hair transplant cost in Ajman is 20000-25000 UAE by fue method. You can get same number of grafts at our clinic between 8000 to 10000 UAE. The procedure will be follicular unit extraction and result would be more natural.

  2. Hair transplant cost Ajman /

    Sir, How much does fue hair transplant cost in Ajman?

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