Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant in Pakistan is cheaper as compared to other countries. The procedure was initially introduced in the mid 1900s to conceal any gaps in hair growth due to accidents or surgery stitches. There were hair growth abnormalities seen among patients who had the disorder by birth and it looked unpleasant. Since this kind of treatment was successful, it later on became a cosmetic procedure and people started getting benefit from it to treat baldness . Hair restoration provide a lifelong cure for ‘disturbed’ hair growth. It is essential to note that implants are not only done using follicular units taken from the head but also uses body hair to fill up gaps on the head. This kind of procedure is applied to cases which have very scanty growth on the head and there is no dense growth from where follicles can be taken out. In such cases, hair is taken from the chest or arms and then planted on the scalp. The hair is extracted using the same procedure with which scalp here are removed and then planted in the same way. Only the donor site is changed, the rest of the procedure is the same. This requires a higher degree of expertise and skill due to the body hair being different than scalp hair in texture, thickness and growth potential. The hair on the head grows faster than those found on the chest or arms. For many years during the initial stages of hair restoration procedures, many people were not eligible for this treatment due to the scanty hair growth on their head and therefore they were denied treatment since there was not enough hair to be extracted. BHT has been the advent of hope for many candidates who suffer from severe baldness and ant to get a treatment. It was impossible to achieve successful results previously; however, BHT method has made it possible. Donor follicles can be extracted in large numbers from legs, arms, chest and stomach area. The major benefits of this kind of procedure are many. It is the true solution for people who suffer from acute baldness. Secondly, It is a very minimally invasive procedure since the tiny follicle gaps in the donor area will not be seen and are negligible. There are no stitches or staples used in the donor area, which is good news for the candidate as well as the surgeon. Moreover, this kind of hair restoration is best for people who apply for an eyebrow or eyelash .

Many times, severe baldness is treated with surgery but there are visible marks and scars in the donor area that cause hair gap and need to be treated. Candidates consult surgeons to find a solution to restore hair growth on such marks and since there is already insufficient hair on their head, it is not possible. Body follicles transplant has solved such cases to a great extent. Surgeons replace these gaps and scars with hair extracted from the body.

Body hair transplantation in Pakistan or anywhere else can be performed on selected cases. Every patient is not a potential candidate for BHT. There are certain criteria for this procedure like

1- Lack of donor area at the back and sides of scalp

2- Previous multiple hair restoration surgeries and still recipient area need more grafts

3- To fill scars of previous procedure in the scalp.

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    For 2500 grafts our charges will be FUT- 800$, FUE = 2500$ and Body hair transplant = 4000$


    Hi , Please let me know how much would it cost me for 2500 graft by method of [ BHT ,FIT ,FUE } in dollars


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