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Hair loss treatment in Lahore-  baldness is of great concern and it can affect overall personality if any male or female. It can be occurred because of slow rate of hair growth, thinning of shaft and increase hair fall. Many reasons and causes of hair loss can be found and different treatments are available to get rid of this problem. It is on scalp due to certain medical, psychological and genetic reasons in human beings. Average hairs present on human scalp ranges from one hundred thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand. At any time, ninety percent of hair is being growing on scalp. With passage of age, the rate of hair growth start decreasing and shedding start increasing. It is normal in both men and women to shed hundred strands per day. If a considerable amount of shafts are shedding from scalp, then it is alarming that there must be some problem with body. Androgenic alopecia is the main reason of baldness in ninety five percent of men in the world. This is the genetic cause of pattern baldness in both men and women. In men, it is also known as male pattern baldness. In this condition, hair starts losing from the hairline and later from the crown of the head. Dihydroteststerone (DHT) is the hormone which deteriorates  follicles of the scalp and as a result their lifespan decreases. Non surgical treatments in Lahore are available to cope with this condition, but these are temporary solution to minimize hair fall. Transplantation surgeries are the only effective and permanent treatment of such severe baldness in men. If you are looking best hair loss treatment in Lahore then Cosmoderma clinic and Dr Ahmad Chaudhry is a trusted name in this field.

Many kinds of alopecia and hair loss treatments in Lahore are offered at Cosmoderma clinic. There are many cause of Alopecia other than male pattern baldness. Alopecia areata is another type of baldness in both men and women when hair started falling in patches. But in ninety percent cases these return after a specific time intervals. Traction alopecia can be found in those people who vigorously brush their hair and tie them with excessive force leaving them weak and broken. Dieting and poor intake is also cause of shedding in women that can cause protein zinc and vitamins deficiency in the body. This is overcome by taking proper and balanced diet. Stress, tension and depressions are major psychological causes of hair fall in both genders. They confine the blood flow to capillaries which result in restraining the oxygen and food supply to follicles. This ended up in slowing down growth and hair loss. Many medications particularly those taken for birth control, heart diseases, cholesterol, high blood pressure, acne and diabetes can be a reason of temporary or permanent hair loss. Pollution and poor hygienic condition of scalp also inhibit growth of  follicles and damage the hairs.

The preferred hair loss treatment in Lahore is PRP and FUE hair transplant procedure. Hair fall treatment industry is earning one billion dollars only from the United States per year. Dermatologists will advice to modify your lifestyle if you are suffering from baldness. Giving up smoking, junk food, alcohol and stress can help in overcoming hair fall without any medicine. Minoxidil and Finasteride are the only non surgical medications recommended to male pattern baldness patients. These are approved by FDA, but they only leave good effects if patient is on initial stage of hair  shedding. When no medicine is working to stop hair fall , hair transplant is the last option available for treatment. Our clinic is famous for best quality result with thick frontal hairline.

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