hair implants south africa

Hair Implants South Africa

Hair transplants and other hair restoration treatments are very popular all over the world. This is because the number of people suffering from hair loss has increased significantly. The quality of food being consumed and the ‘fad diets’ that people follow, have led to a general health issue and deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals. South Africa offers all types of hair transplant procedures and there are many satisfied patients who have gotten their procedure done from South Africa. The cost of hair transplantation depends on the extent of hair loss, the color, texture and amount of the donor hair. Therefore the cost varies upon individuals and can be discussed with the consultant during the initial consultation when the doctor evaluates the patient’s condition of hair loss. During the same session, the doctor totally explains to the patient if any future hair loss occurs and the treatment needs to be performed again. It is a well-known fact that the hair transplant procedure costs much lesser than other hair restoration procedures such as hair pieces and patches while there is also the advantage of having your own natural hair growing on the bald patch instead of pasting patches that cause discomfort. The cost of other specialized hair transplants such as eyebrows and eyelashes vary according to the type of treatment needed and can be discussed with every patient on individual basis. In South Africa, the cost of hair transplant is charged at a flat fee per every session held. Of course the quantity of hair grafts being transplanted makes a difference and adds to the cost as well as the number of sessions needed. The currency of South Africa is not as highly pegged as Euro or US Dollar. This makes South Africa one of the cheaper countries for hair transplants, but it is not as cheap as Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan. A regular session costs around 20,000 Rands, which converts to 1,780 Euros. This procedure is affordable, but the number of sessions is what determines whether the whole procedure will be costly or not. It must be kept in mind that the value added taxes in South Africa are high and this may make an affordable procedure expensive. At first glance, the fee sounds economical but for people who suffer from high level of baldness and would need more sessions, the fee will of course be much more and that would build up a large amount. The small session, this means that lesser hair follicles are planted costs around 22,800 Rands or 2000 Euros. It is a tried and tested thing that the hair transplant procedure is a one-time effort and promises good results. This is why many people believe that every penny spent for it is worth the price since there is no every day routine to follow and no medications to take on a regular basis.

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