Hair implants for women

Hair Implants for women.Nowadays, even if a woman has good hair growth, the use of wigs and hair extensions is common. As the fashion keeps changing and hair cannot be grown shorter or longer in a matter of days, women turn to use wigs and hair extensions to give themselves the desired look. However, in women who suffer hair loss, we observe the use of all kinds of products while a majority of them want a permanent solution to this problem. Generally men keep their hair shorter and therefore immediately after a hair restoration procedure, if they have no hair on the head or incision marks are visible it is acceptable. Apart from scars, in the case of strip method the scar at the back of the head is hidden through hair. Another factor is that in case hair is taken from the scalp it can grow longer, but in some cases, if the hair is extracted from arms or legs, the texture is different and hence it might not look natural. The need of long and good-textured hair for women is like a necessity. This narrows down the available cures for hair restoration.┬áVery few women have the type of hair loss that makes them good candidates for hair transplant. Most women have diffuse hair loss instead, an overall thinning in all areas of the head, including the sides and back, which are the areas that act as donor sites in men. It is from these sites that the hair is removed for hair transplantation to other areas of the head. In men, the donor sites are called stable sites, which mean that the hair and follicles in those areas are not affected by the dihydrotestosterone found in the body which shrinks follicles on other areas of the head. In female pattern baldness, donor areas are usually unstable and thinning. This implies that if a surgeons performs hair implant on a woman whose donor site is on the scalp, the transplanted hair will also fall out in some time. Body hair do not have the same texture as scalp hair so the final look may not be as natural as it should be. Another difference between male and female pattern baldness is the frontal hairline. Unlike men, women with hair loss tend to keep their frontal hairline. They don’t have to worry about needing a hair restoration to frame their face and are instead more concerned about the loss of volume from the top and back. Hair transplants, though, don’t do much to increase volume. It just moves hair from one place to another.

There is a small percentage of women who are good candidates for hair implants. This includes, women who have suffered hair loss due to mechanical or traction alopecia. Apart from this, women who have had previous cosmetic or plastic surgery and are concerned about hair loss around the incision sites can also get successful hair implants. Women who have a distinct pattern of baldness, similar to that of male pattern baldness can get hair transplants since there is a chance of a potential donor site on their scalp.

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