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Hair transplant  is a distribution of donor area follicles to recipient areaWhen we consider of having a surgery, there are certain questions, queries and confusions take place in mind. The very first step towards taking a decision is to properly educate yourself and grab all the possible information you can. Hair transplant in Lahore is very common and important surgery for anyone out there who thinks that hair restoration is the only solution for their hair loss problem. Hair implant is quite an old procedure, started years ago. With the passage of time it has taken some revolutionary turns. For some people hair restoration is the best thing that has ever happened to them and yes, definitely for some it is not less than a disaster. Whenever u take your decision of having a hair loss surgery it is very important to select a qualified surgeon for this purpose. Only a certified surgeon can give you a natural look and your hair line does not look like sketched.

 Hair Regrowth treatments in Lahore

The procedure has taken its toll in the mid of 19th century. There are different methods adopted for transplanting hair in the bald area of your head. Reasons of hair loss could vary from individual to individual, different living styles, malnutrition and others. Sometimes the people who go through some accident or other physical trauma can face baldness. Few drugs can also cause hair loss as their side effect. Changes in your hormones can also be the reason of losing your hair. With losing your hair you also lose your confidence. To regain that confidence, you need to consult your doctor for possible treatments. The long lasting or lifelong treatment for hair loss is the hair  surgery. Hair restoration surgery is conducted in these ways:- strip method, it is the method in which a strip is removed from the back of the head or from the donor area and then after segregating follicles, they are implanted in the skin after giving incisions. It is done under local anesthesia.

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The other is the FUE (follicular unit extraction), in this method hair follicle is taken out one by one without any scar and transplant those follicle in the incisions one by one. FUE is almost a pain free procedure. Only a little discomfort is suffered by the patients. The reason is the local anesthesia injected for carrying out the procedure. There is no down time after the surgery, no bed rest is required. It is a safe treatment if performed by a certified and well experienced surgeon. There are usually no side effects of hair implantation. Only proper care is required after Fue  in Lahore Pakistan.

Hair transplant Lahore

Fue procedure 2500 graft by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

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