Fue hair transplant Scar

Fue hair transplant scar

Hair transplant surgery has become a common treatment and many people are turning towards this to restore their hair growth. The hair transplant procedure is done in two ways, strip harvest and follicular unit extraction (FUE). The latter is more advanced and laborious since it involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from an area that has good hair growth. This is usually at the back of the head or above the ears. These hair follicles are then planted on the bald patch and they grow normally, covering the area that has poor or no hair growth. The strip method involves the removal of a strip of hair from the donor site, which is then stapled together using stainless steel staples, made especially for surgical use. These staples leave a scar at the donor site, which is small but visible. On the contrary, the FUE hair transplant does not need any staples to stitch up any wound since follicles are taken individually and there is no wound from it. The FUE hair transplant is more successful and natural due to individual plantations rather than a small unit being planted which can look unnatural if the surgeon is not skilled. FUE plantation is done by making very tiny incisions at the recipient site and then the hair follicles are planted in these incisions. Therefore there are absolutely no scars from this kind of surgery. FUE surgery was a later advancement than strip method and so the look, growth of hair and the fact that there is no scarring is a big advantage of this procedure. There have been more advancement since the adoption of FUE method and the newer technologies eradicate the only demerit of FUE surgery, which is that it is time-consuming. Neograft device is a new technology that performs FUE transplant but since it is a machine, the number of follicles planted is much more than in a manual procedure. There are many people who have taken the neograft device well but there are still some people who trust human judgment more than a machine and would want to be treated by a surgeon rather than a machine. The biggest advantage of neograft FUE is that it does not even make tiny incision to plant follicles but it just uses the existing pore openings to calculate where the hair follicle should be planted. It must be kept in mind that the surgeon’s skill is what ensures good results from FUE hair transplant surgery. The surgeon first studies the candidate’s hair pattern to plant the new follicles in the same pattern. This ensures that the hair transplant looks natural and it is undetectable whether a person has undergone a hair treatment. The FUE does not leave any mark and this makes it a more preferred method for people of all ages since they no one wants any scarring or marks from the surgery.

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