Fue hair transplant in Bahawalpur

The number of people suffering from hair loss is increasing every day and previously it was thought that hair loss surgeries are too expensive. However, due to people gaining resources, this mind set is changing and people can get a hair transplantation in their own vicinity. There are many surgeons nowadays who provide result yielding procedures and ensure a natural look. In Pakistan, hair transplantation is available in all the major cities of the country. Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Bahawalpur have many surgeons who perform good procedures and are skilled since the number of patients is increasing. The hair surgery is an easy procedure for the patient since it is performed in clinics and easy environment without a long recovery period, however, the surgery is a careful and tedious procedure for the surgeon since a large portion of the operation’s success depends on the surgeon’s skill and expertise. The  procedure can be done in two ways, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The FUE method is performed with more skill and needs an experienced and artistic hand to ensure goo results. Within Pakistan, there are many surgeons who visit other cities on a weekly or monthly basis. These surgeons provide consultations as well as perform operations in various cities. This adds to a surgeon’s experience and makes him or her more sought after. The surgeons in Pakistan are more skilled due to the large number of procedures as well as the variety of cases since every person has a different cause for hair loss. Apart from first time consultations, there are many surgeons who perform hair transplants that were previously spoiled or done carelessly by other surgeons. In Bahawalpur, there are many popular visiting surgeons who deal with all kinds of cases. Every person may suffer hair loss due to a different cause and it is essential to identify this problem and then to cure it before getting a hair restoration. In case the problem is not totally subsided, the hair loss can occur again. In Pakistan, surgeons are much cheaper while they ensure the same quality of hair transplants as that provided in the west. This is why they are a favorite among foreign patients who are looking for surgeons to perform hair transplant on them. Many surgeons produce unnatural hair transplants and the hair growth is detectable. Pakistani surgeons are so well experienced by working on different kinds of cases that they do not usually give poor results and satisfy the patients most of the times. The medical staff and the surgeons in Pakistan are amicable and therefore the patient feels comfortable and can ask any question in case of any confusion. This is why, good surgeons and good hair transplants are commonly found all over Pakistan. It is still advisable that a candidate does some basic research before engaging a surgeon in order to ensure that the surgeon selected matches the patient’s requirements.

Bahawalpur hair transplant

FUE hair restoration

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we need to restore your hair medically .. means by medicine. You should apply Minoxidil 5% lotion and Tab.Genesis 1mg for 6 months. After this medical hair restoration trial then we can evaluate hair transplantation for you. Our cost is based on per graft and we charge 60 rupee for one graft.

  2. zeeshan iqbal /

    Hello sir, my name is zeeshan, I am 20 years old, my problem is that I am losing hair rapidly, so far half of my hair is gone, I am really in trouble of losing all my hain with in next two year. Please guide me about hair tranplant, is it safe and will my hair get back? And please tell me about its cost.

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