Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation

How follicular unit transplant differ with other techniques

Follicular unit hair transplantation in Pakistan enables patient to get natural hair back – There are many techniques used for hair restoration. It is a procedure which is the last remedy for baldness or alopecia. It is highly recommended for treating male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is a permanent kind of baldness and present in the form of bald patches on the head usually starts from receding hair line and then encompass the top and sides of the head. It is normally hereditary or caused by hormonal change. Hair restoration is considered the permanent solution. This is a method of harvesting follicles taken from one part and transplanted to the other part of the body. For carrying out this procedure a proper qualification and specialization is required. An unqualified doctor cannot bring out the results matched to the perfection of a skilled hair transplant surgeon.Follicular unit transplant Pakistan

The technique which is classic and old but still is known as an avant-garde in the field of hair restoration systems is FUT (follicular Unit transplantation). In common language it is also known as the Strip harvesting method. This technique is used world-wide and very famous and commonly used technique. Follicular unit transplantation is a procedure in which a strip or group of follicles are extracted from the scalp by giving an incision from the donor area of the head that is normally sides or back of the head.  Follicles at these part of the head are mostly permanent and strong and less likely to fall. After taken the strip, it is placed under stereo microscope and cut into single follicles and after separating them, they are ready for implantation on the bald or recipient area. These follicles are implanted with the help of a specially designed needle. This whole procedure takes 5 to 6 hours depending on the bald area and the local anesthesia is given to minimize the effect of pain. The effect of anesthesia is over after the surgery. The incision which is given to remove the strip of follicles is closed with sutures. And the linear scar also camouflaged under the hair which are grow after some time. The result of the surgery is very impressive and enhances your appearance if a competent surgeon carried it out. Follicular unit hair transplant in Pakistan and abroad  is the best solution of the baldness for those who can not afford Fue method.

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