Follicle growth

Follicle growth in Pakistan Lahore-Hair follicle units are present in skin of every mammal consist of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair fibers.  They grow for a long period in a cycle and then they take a rest for some time. In this short phase of rest, hairs are still joined with follicles but there growth is impeded. Afterwards, these hairs shed down from the follicles, and new hairs start growing in their place. Hair growth and rest period is dependent upon the genetic pattern followed by follicles. With increasing age, follicles spend more time in resting rather than producing new hair. There are three stages of hair follicle growth, which are also known as cycle of follicle growth. In first stage or phase known as “Anagen phase,” actually the growth phase of this cycle. It usually lasts from two to six years. Scalp has ability to grow hair up to one meter length. Second stage is known as “Catagen,” known as “Phase of Involution,” lasts about one to fourteen days. Dermal Papillae starts contracting and shrinks to one sixth of its original length. In third phase, which is “Talogen Phase,” is actually the resting period of follicle. Hair growth is totally retarded in this stage. At the end of this phase, follicle again enters into first stage.

After hair transplantation, it is important to check the growth in each phase of these follicles. Patients are very much concerned about initial signs of follicle growth after the treatment. But it doesn’t happen in one-night or in a few days. They need to wait for some time. Unlike others, transplanted follicles are inserted into scalp in a new position. Hair present in these follicles will shed once transplantation is done, but the follicle remains in the scalp. Some patients got very anxious because they think that their transplantation is unsuccessful and hairs are falling instead of re growing. But in reality, shedding is normal and important in over all process. When the wounds of surgery got healed, hair growth will become quicker. In the other stage of transplanted follicles growth, hair follicles take some rest. Patients need to wait for some time to re grow new hair. They need to take good care of their scalp and to follow all post-operative precautions. It takes a period of four months by follicles from surgery to re grow new hair. Your hair will grow on rate of half inch per month. They will grow like other natural hair on scalp after passing through first cycle.

With proper care, hair follicle growth can be increased after transplantation. Take some iron tablets that can enhance blood circulation in scalp particularly hair follicles. Iron helps scalp to recover soon from trauma of surgery and to increase hair growth. Taking protein enriched foods; vitamins and zinc also help in strengthening the inserted follicles. Some adverse factors can have effect on follicles such as hair re grow too early in rest stage. It is required to properly check hair growth for some months after transplant.

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