Expectation after hair Surgery

Realistic expectation after hair transplant surgery

What should we expect after hair transplant surgery and its recovery time. Hair restoration is not an unreachable or an alien treatment of hair loss. It is the most common treatment people go for to treat their baldness. The results of the  surgery are amazing and incredible if the surgery is done by a certified and talented doctor. Before going for a surgery it is very important to discuss all the facets of surgery in detail with the surgeon and seek truthful advice from the surgeon. It is wrong if you expect a very dense  look after the surgery. You have to keep in mind the surgery or any treatment has some limitations. It depends on the bald area of person that how much density he can get after the surgery. The best candidate for hair restoration is the person who has small bald area and fuller donor area. In that case a person can get more fuller and dense look.Such kind of persons will get result according to expectation after hair surgery.If you have a very little donor area and large bald area, you are not a good candidate of surgery. However, the surgery can be conducted by taking follicles from any other part of the body other than head such as from the chest, back, arms or legs but then you cannot expect a very high density of hair. You can get a reasonable covered area but not a fuller head.

Some people have high expectations from the surgery which is not true as expectation after hair surgery should be realistic. It is important to know that a good surgery can contribute in enhancing your appearance and persona but it cannot fully transform you from whatever you are. In the same way the procedure can help in reconstruction of your bald area but it cannot give you a full density . It can enhance your appearance but it cannot totally change your personality. However, what you can expect from a good and classy hair transplantation is the undetectable surgery. Even your barber cannot detect your surgery if it is done by an excellent and competent surgeon. You can expect a reasonable amount of follicles transplanted to the bald area and it is diminished by a good surgeon. He can give you a very natural looking hair line and not a sketched looking . Expectation after hair surgery should be real as it is distribution of follicular units rather than multiplication.

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