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Do you have hair loss problem ? Have anything to say, any suggestions or any query ? Feel free to contact us, we’re here to help you. You can write any text in this page and  get Guaranteed answers in 24 hours by filling this Form.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Lucia Lado , We charge 1.00$US per graft for FUE technique and 0.50$US for FUT technique. You need to stay 2 nights and procedure will be completes in 5 to 6 hours. To proceed further please send us your hair loss area close up photos.

  2. Lucia Lado /

    Dear Sir/madam
    I would Love to have Hair Transplant ,What is the Cost ? and how days do I need to be there?

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello, We will be happy to help you. Please send us your close up photos of bald area so that we can give you estimate of grafts and cost as well. Email:

  4. dada /

    please i would like to restore my hair follicle and i need your help please.thx

  5. admin / Post Author

    Hello, we will be happy to restore your hair through follicle hair transplant procedure. We don’t have any branch in Saudi Arabia at the moment.

  6. Sathish Kumar /

    I would like to go for hair follicle treatment. Do u have any branches in Saudi or some where else. Let me know the cost of the same for 2500 follicles.

    With Regards,

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