Best hair transplant South Africa

Best hair transplant South Africa

South Africa offers the latest methods of hair transplantation for the numerous people who suffer from hair loss. The surgical method of hair restoration yields the most permanent and natural results, which help in transforming the recipient’s personality, making them more confident and younger-looking. South Africa is a developed country and offers the latest technology and techniques of medical science. The cosmetic treatments, such as hair restoration methods are also offered in the state. The best method of hair restoration is the surgical method of hair transplantation. This ensures a safe and result yielding procedure that does not need follow up routines and application of oils and lotions. While using any other products for hair repair, people often lose patience and want a shortcut. It may be said that hair transplantation surgery is a shortcut since it is a one-time hassle and it does not require laborious hair care routines or intake of medicines. Hair transplant is done in two basic ways, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method costs less than the FUE since there is lesser amount of care and skill required for the procedure. On the other hand, FUE is a more technical procedure and is usually charged according to the number of grafts planted. However, in South Africa, the surgeons charge a flat fee per session required. This may be god news for some people who do not have a large bald patch or require lesser amount of work to be done. The FUE method requires more time and therefore it adds to the cost of the surgery. In South Africa, there are many good hair transplantation clinics from where a good procedure can be done and the cost will be lesser than that in the developed western countries. While looking for a good surgeon, the candidate must keep a few things in mind. Firstly, the cost of the procedure is a vital aspect. Apart from this, the number of procedures carried out by a particular surgeon and the quality of his results can be determined by the testimonials of past patients. These testimonials are present on the websites that are maintained by clinics and medical centers. Some blogs and websites also give a detailed description of the steps of surgery, which can make the candidate understand what the experience will be like. Hair restoration methods are all focused on the preservation of good looks and self confidence and it is necessary for a person to be sure of himself in order to have a good standing in society and in the professional field. The surgeons for hair surgery understand this well and therefore reduce the time in which all sessions of hair transplant are completed so that the patient can rapidly see good hair coverage on the head and enjoy a better look. In South Africa, the hair surgeries are done using both the methods of transplant and the latest technique that is being used is the neograft. The neograft is a mechanical device that extracts hair follicles through a vacuum function and then plants the follicles on to the bald patch. It is human nature to rely on judgment than to depend on a machine, therefore many people are still reluctant to get the neograft treatment. Surgeons with skills and expertise are more reliable and hence more people opt for a manual surgery. The role of the surgeon is by far the most important component of the results since it is his skill and artistic hand that ensures good and natural results. Best hair transplant in South Africa are available through the many clinics and medical centers available there. The doctors charge a flat fee per session and this might be profitable for the people who have a lower degree of baldness and require less time.

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