Beard Donor Hair

Beard hair use for head hair transplant in Pakistan

Cosmoderma clinic is famous for its Fue hair transplant procedure in Pakistan as well as abroad where Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is routinely performing Norwood class 6 & 7 baldness hair restoration through scalp donor area plus beard – body hair. How many grafts can be harvested from beard for head hair transplant procedure? If beard hair density is good then 1200 to 1800 grafts can be extracted from beard area. There are more and more patients getting beard hair use for head hair transplant in Pakistan at our clinic.

 Beard hair transplant before and after

If someone wants to see beard hair transplant before and after photos, we put different photos where one can see closely artistic work of Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. This will give you clear idea that getting beard hair as donor can give you good coverage. However, beard hairs are not primary source for hair restoration. It will be considered always as secondary source.

Beard hair use

Beard donor area

Beard donor area hairs are coarse, different texture and would look different when transplanted into scalp. These hairs are used for mid scalp area, crown or vertex area or used to correct previous strip surgery scars.

Beard hair transplant scar

While considering extraction of beard hair, it will come into mind scars visibility after beard hair extraction. There will be two kinds of cosmetic consideration before opting for this procedure.

  • There will be red dots, pink skin for few days so one should keep in mind this aspect as well.
  • After few weeks there should be no white dots in the donor area. These white dots will be very much visible if extracted with greater diameter punch size. People who have fair skin color, there will be less visibility. However, in Asian or black people there will strong chances of visibility if punch size would be greater than 1.00 mm. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry always performs with micro size of punches like 0.85 mm or 0.90 mm so that there would be less chances of scar visibility.

Fue beard to scalp

Fue beard to scalp is a highly skilled procedure and one should select an experienced hair restoration surgeon to perform your procedure.  Beard to scalp hair transplant requires meticulous consideration by a surgeon and these hairs should always be placed in the mid scalp or crown area due to different texture. Is beard hair to scalp is a future? Fue technique is much developed and evolved in recent years and there should be no harm to extract beard hair to scalp implantation as these hairs have long survival and good growth rate.

Donating beard hair

You can’t donate your beard hair to someone else. Your own beard hair will be used for hair restoration. How much coverage will be possible by donating beard hair? If someone has good number of hair then middle of head or crown area easily covered by 1500-1800 grafts.

Beard hair transplant cost in Pakistan

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan is charged according to number of grafts. As beard hair extraction is skilled procedure so definitely it would cost you more as compare to scalp grafts. At our clinic we charge 150 Rupee per graft from body or beard. To make it understandable these are our prices in Pakistan.

  • 500 beard grafts cost = 75000 Rupee
  • 1000 beard grafts cost = 150,000 Pak rupee
  • 1500 beard grafts cost = 225,000 Pak rupee

This beard hair transplant price in Pakistan is affordable and cheap as compare to USA, UK, Australia and France.