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Our clinic is providing hair transplant, restoration and fue services in Lahore for the last 14 years. Hair fall and hair loss patients are coming to our clinic from all over the world. Our hair restoration surgeon has more than 14 years experience and qualified from Paris France. Dr.Ahmad is a visiting Associate Professor Claude Bernard university Lyon 1 France and he has hair loss treatment clinic in Pakistan for international patients who cannot afford too much high cost in Europe, America and other parts of the world. We will provide you impressive hair restoration and good quality result. We have treated thousands of hair loss  patients who are coming from different regions and countries. Our hair  clinic and surgeon has excellent reviews on internet and YouTube. Make it sure by searching about our  surgeon results & reviews and credentials. We have enough before and after  pictures in our photo gallery section.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Naushad Mohd , Hair transplant in Saudi Arabia will cost you 10,000 SR to 20,000 SR. However if you travel to our clinic in Lahore then it will cost you 3000 to 5000 SR.

  2. admin / Post Author

    Hello akbar hassan, We will be happy to help and restore your hair. Hair transplant cost in Dammam, Saudi Arabia is 10,000 to 20,000 SR. However if you travel to our clinic in Lahore then its cost will be 60% less including your return Air Ticket.

  3. Naushad Mohd /

    I need hair transplant in saudi plz advice me

  4. admin / Post Author

    Sir, Thank you for your message. At the moment our hair transplant clinic in Madina stopped working. However if yo want your hair restoration procedure in Lahore -Pakistan, we would be happy to help you.

  5. shah khalid /

    I am in madinah. Please.Please send me the address of your clinic in madinah.

  6. akbar hassan /

    i need your hellp so how to contact your clinic.my hair is los i want to hair transplant,i am live in DAMMAM,SAUDI ARABIA,my mobile no-0536075163 so please tell me what to do

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