1000 hair grafts

1000 Hair Graft recipient area coverage

The hair transplant procedure is done in two ways and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a more popular method since it involves extraction and panting of individual hair follicles and this creates a very natural look. The FUE is used in all kinds of baldness patterns, which are given descriptions by doctors for universal understanding of the level of baldness. These descriptions or names given to the different kinds of baldness patterns are called the Norwood classification system of hair loss. This system has categorized the different kinds of patterns and given them a number so that they are understood by all patients. The number of grafts planted depends on the class of baldness. 1000 hair graft transplant is done for the Norwood class III baldness. This type of baldness is the receding of hairline to an extent that a ‘W’ shape is formed at the forehead. This amount of area coverage is possible by the transplantation of 1000 grafts. In male pattern baldness, the hair is lost from some focused areas and hence there are still some areas left on the head where the hair growth has not thinned nor is the scalp visible from under it. A surgeon can plant 1000 grafts within one session easily and therefore a follow up session is not necessary in most cases. There are some people who desire more density and therefore go for a follow up but generally, for 1000 graft hair transplantation, a single session is sufficient. During the first session of a hair transplant surgery, the surgeon works on creating and reinforcing the frontal hairline in order to form a permanent frame to the candidate’s face. In hair transplant surgeries, the surgeons fill up the whole recipient area and then the second session is to give more density. This is done so that the surgical hair restoration is completed quickly. It is better if the surgeon does not perform the hair restoration in sections or in randomly small follicular hair transplant sessions. Additional sessions may be desired in the future if the candidate wants more density or if there is hair loss again.
In the common terminology, the surgeons describe hair transplants as 1000 graft transplantation or 2000 graft transplantation. This was they understand what kind of baldness, or rather what kind of area has been treated. 1000 grafts hair transplantation is used to fill up the frontal hairline and in this amount of grafts, the ‘W’ shape of the hair fills up and gives a formed hairline to the candidate. Similarly 2000 graft transplantation is used to cover the crown area of the candidate’s scalp. These kinds of terms make it easier to explain and understand which area has been worked on and to what extent.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Saleem, there are two kind of procedures and we can transplant 2000 grafts in 5 hours. Hair transplant price for both procedure is different
    Strip or FUT 2000 grafts = 1700 $ @ 0.85$/graft
    Fue 2000 grafts = 2000 $ @ 1.00 $ per graft
    Warm Regards

  2. Saleem /

    I would like to know the price for 2000 grafts thanks
    Also I would like to consult the procedure

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